Joanne Rose is the visionary founder and CEO of Vegan Vision Productions, creating original female-driven scripted comedy for Web and TV. The company was founded in 2008 in Los Angeles. male leads in comedy.


Joanne recognizes a need for more strong female leads in comedy.

The production company’s first project was the multi-award winning US comedy series, Vegan 101 by Australian writer-creator, actor and producer, Joanne. The series launched online in 2009 and ran for 3 Seasons.

The show comprises highly exaggerated stories about vegans from all walks of life through comedy sketches. Season 2 guest-starred Oscar-nominated actor, Eric Roberts with music by Keaton Simons.

You can catch Vegan 101 on Youtube, Tivo, Hulu, Roku, Apple TV, iTunes and mobile devices.

Vegan Vision Productions is all about fun, passion, great work and treating people with respect.


Writer-creator, actor and producer of the multi-award winning comedy series, Vegan 101. The show consisted of highly exaggerated stories about vegans from all walks of life through comedy sketches.

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